Oz Kids Network

Oz Kids Network is a brand new way of creating
and enjoying children’s television! All our shows are designed to bring out the creative voice of our audience and to celebrate imagination!


Our lineup of shows for you to enjoy!

Skit This s1 >

out now!

Skit This is our children’s comedy sketch series where you can be part of the show! 

Bearly LIVE >

Saturday 7pm & Sunday 10am AEST

Bearly LIVE is a weekly interactive livestream as well as daily children’s comedy web series.

Skit This s2

coming in December

Season two of our children’s sketch comedy series where you can be part of the show!

Animal Gaggles

coming in 2021

An educational comedy about kids who learn about animals whilst creating hilarious voice-overs for existing wildlife footage.

More kids content

watch this space

For more new shows and content coming to the Oz Kids network!